‘Alliance for LGBTI Workplace Equality’ project is developed by five partnering CSOs (Expanse of Gender and Media Culture Common Zone, Organization for Workers Initiative and Democratization OWID, NGO DAWN, Lesbian Organization Rijeka “LORI”, in cooperation with CSOs Trans Aid and Zagreb Pride. ) which have extensive experience in promotion and protection of gender and LGBTI equality.

This project aims to strengthen the capacities of CSOs for human and workers’ rights with regard to discrimination against LGBTI persons on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation in the workplace as well as to contribute to combating discrimination against LGBTI persons in the workplace and in employment through establishing cross-sectoral network and development of advocacy module.

Project will in the period of implemetation (November 2015 – May 2017):
– raise capacities of partnering CSOs in ensuring consistent enforcement of human rights in the field of employment and workplace equality for LGBTI community,
– conduct 2 surveys: The survey of employers in the Republic of Croatia on policies and practices related to LGBTI employees and the survey among LGBT persons in the Republic of Croatia about conditions in the workplace
– improve access to labour rights of LGBTI minorities,
– strengthen networks between CSOs dealing with gender equality, LGBTI rights and labour rights;
– improve environment for joint cooperation and partnership between CSOs, representatives of relevant government institutions and Trade Unions,
– improve participation of students in human rights protection as well as
– establish national LGBTI Workplace Equality Award and sensitize general public for the necessity of inclusive and non-discriminating working environment.

Contact person: Gabrijela Ivanov – gabe@voxfeminae.net